Claims Process Explained

The Claims Process

  • Have us inspect the roof for Storm Damage (wind/hail).
  • You file a claim with your carrier.
  • The adjuster schedules an initial inspection.
  • If adjuster finds damage from a storm event, they write an estimate.
  • Allow us to review the estimate to verify it’s written correctly and the work can be done for that amount.
  • We have the same estimating program and can make revisions that are often times approved immediately.
  • Adjusters work long hours and mistakes are common, not intentional.
  • You have either six months or one year to complete the work; or, you will lose the “second payment” ie “recoverable depreciation”.
  • The estimate is- Total Damages- recoverable depreciation -deductible= “Actual Cash Value/ first check” payment.
  • If we do the work for the total of the estimate, insurance pays the full depreciation amount. You’re only out of pocket expense is the deductible.

Common Insurance Terms

  • Deductible: the homeowners out of pocket expense ( 1% of homes insured value, not estimate total).
  • Depreciation: 2 kinds- recoverable and NON recoverable.
  • Recoverable: the second check is coming (98% of all policies) – With Recoverable depreciation policies, all you pay is the deductible.
  • NON recoverable: NO SECOND CHECK COMING (rare policies) – With NON recoverable policies, you will owe the deductible and the depreciation held out.
  • RCV= Replacement Cost Value Policy= Recoverable depreciation.
  • ACV= Actual Cash Value Policy= NON recoverable depreciation.